2nd Round Knockout: Hatton vs Pacquiao

The Manchester brawler should have lifted his god damm hands to sustain any sort of defence, it doesn’t take a genius to understand that when fighting a fighter the class of Pacquiao not bothering to lift your hands for protection will ultimately result in your demise. Pacquiao said after the match ‘I was surprised it was that easy’ (you and me both Manny), as I sat down with a couple of mates, pre purchased snacks to last the longevity of the match, and debated how the matchup will go , with the majority going for a points win for Pacquiao. But surely after the first round there was no doubt that this match would not further than 3 rounds and we were not wrong. Its seems to be that when ever Ricky Hatton comes up against the best pound for pound fighters he comes up short, this happened against Floyd Mayweather Jr, and last night against Manny Pacuiao, Hatton may have to come to the realism that he may just not be good enough to compete with the best….and Sky box office have to come to the realism that no –one is going to pay £15 to watch a 2 minute replay of Hatton’s demise.



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