Nike Air Yeezy

One of the biggest collaborations between a sports brand and Music superstar in along time, if not arguably the biggest in the past decade. The ‘Nike Air Yeezy’ named after Kanye West nickname ‘yezzy’ were released last week in the UK, and immediately sold out. The trainers were the creation of the Nike creative director Mark Smith and Kanye West , who participated in the production of the trainers through all stages, just like Nike have previously done with sportsman previously. The unique design of the trainer adds a very fashionable edge to the trainer, which allows it to be worn casually and not look out of place. Whilst the basketball style template allows the trainer to be able to be worn to play sport and give the user the opportunity to perform to the best of their ability. The sole which is essentially a re-mastered Nike Air assault outsole glows in the dark and will glow when in low lighting areas, which is a good touch. In addition there is a patent leather strap which has been incorporated to the sneaker, which I believe adds a touch of class. The sneakers come in two colourways: Zen grey/charcoal and black/black-pink in my opinion the latter will be of the shelves faster as it signifies what the trainer is about, and that making a bold statement in fashion without having to stray away from your favourite sport brand to do so.


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