Hi x Hermes x J’ai Mon Carre

I never really got a chance to introduce myself, Hi my name is Elizabeth, the latest addition to the AOA Dandy family, you’ll hopefully be seeing me around the place a lot more, bringing you the newest in Boys Toys and girl’s things.

I’ve already got a few things planned and waiting, but until then I thought’d I’d just show you guys what I’ve been up to the past few weeks. One of my year highlights has had to be going to the launch of the Hermes Pop Up store launch party a few weeks ago.

There was an abundance of champagne and  randomly, radishes, staff on hand to adorn your persons with Hermes’ finest silk scarves, unfortunately they weren’t to keep! There were also a random mix of familiar faces there; journalists, bloggers, designers and stylists, including Jeanie aka FFA, Jay Wilson, Henry Holland and  randomly Nicolo Festa from X-Factor. All in all it was a fun night, girl band Warpaint provided the sounds and I got to meet loads of lovely people, hopefully there shall be many more nights like this to come.



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