Over the past year or so there has been a lot of talk about the rise of Shazaam and its influence on purchasing decisions. Shazaam’s recent collaboration with Warner music for access to their propriety music data and investment from other stakeholders of $30 million for just 3% shows the attraction to shazaams data analytics.

The fundamentals of Shazaam is that a person would hear an unrecognisable track during their day to day lives that grabs their attention so much so that they will then hit Shazaam on their smartphones and find out what the name of the track is.

Now what happens next?? Does this translate to a purchase or another listen on freemium service before final decision is made.  Either way due to the technology at your fingertips consumers can make two decisions that helps artist gain an income for their craft one way or another dependent on curiosity which wasn’t available before the changes to technology.

Now the Shazaam chart has become an addition to music professionals analytics tools and the new moneyballing A&R strategy that has crept into music offices worldwide.

We assume if a type of track is at the top of the Shazaam chart then it means that consumers are gravitating towards this sound or does it simply mean the traditional promotional streams for songs such as National radio frequently playing a song from the new flavor of the month which the consumer is not so clued up about so decides to hit Shazaam for the answers. So does Shazaam truly drive the sales of singles or is it just another indicator of what the public’s likely spending habits are for that week? Either way Shazam definitely has an effect on the increasing number of digital sales and streaming figures.



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