CHELSEA VS LIVERPOOL round 2 or is it already over??

As Chelsea take a 3-1 advantage over Liverpool to Stamford Bridge for the second leg of the UEFA Champions League quarter-final sure the tie is dead and buried??? that’s what the Italians thought as they popped champagne in their changing rooms at half-time in Istanbul as AC Milan lead 3-0 at half time in the champions league final in 2005 before Liverpool preformed the impossible to have great comeback to win the champions league final. Am not saying that lighting can strike twice or maybe three times in Liverpool’s case, but with Liverpool they just don’t know when to accept defeat and with Chelsea conceding three goals after being up 4-0 shows there could be possible frailties in the Chelsea back line. For the Liverpool to have yet another great comeback will require Steven Gerrard to have a much better game after being outperformed on all levels by Michael Essien the man Hiddink assigned to mark the Liverpool talisman out of the game who recently was called the ‘best player in the world’ by the great Zizou( Zinedine Zidane). The Ghanaian talisman has been inspirational in Chelsea’s great form recently and his battle with Steven Gerrard will in the second leg will play a big part in how the match is decided.

Alot of people have commented on the zonal-marking system Liverpool uses as part of the main reason for the 2 goals conceded in the first leg, and now totally ineffective. I am not the greatest fan of zonal-marking however it is the same system used by Liverpool to gain enough ground on Manchester united in the premiership that, surely it does not require any system to know that after a player 6ft + has scored a headed earlier on in the match that he if going to be a treat the next time there is a corner requiring defending, which should tell one of the many Liverpool players defending the set piece to pay close attention to him instead of leaving him free to scored a second. There is no system to counter this; it is purely poor defending, which if Liverpool does not sort out could leave Liverpool no comeback to record in their files of major comebacks.



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Briatore running QPR the right way?

Briatore for all his business knowledge has not learnt in his brief but eventful time in charge of QPR that five managers in a space of a year doesnt add up, and surely give the manager at least the control of what team is selected on matchday is the least Briatore and his wealthy friends should allow the manager to do, not saying Briatore does not however he allegedly phoned Sousa to demand substitutions at half-time all the way from malaysia.The apparent targets for QPR is Darren Ferguson( I highly doubt Ferguson snr is going to be chuffed his son has the chance of moving to a bigger club) , Paul Ince the former Blackburn Manager who is eagerly waiting to get back into management lets hope not too eager and Dennis Wise who was recently relieved of this posistion at another soap drama of a football club, which may have prepared him for what is expected to run QPR. Briatore said of the matter of that ‘ if the results are good nobody puts their nose in. I have an opinion on things because we invest alot of money.’ The QPR fans must be over the moon by Briatores comments…right?? Is that how a football team is suppose to be run?? One thing i do know is managers will not be tripping over their selves to hand in their CV at Briatore’s office in the morning.

Who do you think should be substituted?
Who do you think should be substituted?